Osgood Landscape Architecture, Inc. (OLA) is a collaborative design team that contributes to positive changes in spaces for people while protecting and celebrating the places and ecology that we live in and love.


We believe the creation of beautiful, thoughtful, and impactful landscapes is an art form.

With our shared passions for addressing complex land planning and site challenges, our team has come together to become a leader in the region for place-based landscape architecture and environmentally sensitive site responses. Our team and collaborators share a common inspiration and passion for designs that enrich lives, respect our client’s needs, and assimilate observations of natural systems into thriving, sustainable ecosystems.


Since its inception in 2014, Osgood Landscape Architecture, Inc (OLA), has valued its collaborative studio environment where all ideas (yours, ours, and those hidden voices) are of equal importance in the design process.

We strive to be good communicators throughout a project. Through our important relationships with architects, engineers, ecologists, and builders, we strive to honor the history and context of a site while creatively responding to the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our team and collaborators reflect our rigorous work ethic and express our ability to have fun and be kind throughout the design process.

OLA is dedicated to work that positively impacts the natural and built environment. Our dedication to the protection, stewardship, and creation of restorative outdoor environments is fundamental to all of our work.


We believe that successful projects carefully stitch together the most essential organizing elements of a site and its context. Our approach is flexible and responsive.

CULTIVATION :: Defining and organizing the project vision and core principles with the client.

HARVESTING :: Gathering and analyzing relevant site opportunities and constraints with careful investigation of the surrounding physical, cultural, historical and environmental context.

SPINNING :: Brainstorming and collaborating with the client and team to identify potential narratives and core ideas that are continuously analyzed and refined to determine the most effective solution.

WEAVING :: Blending and assimilating collaborative ideas with the client and design team to produce permit and construction drawings and design details that ensure all project goals are carried out.

FINISHING :: Observing and realizing the project vision through careful construction observation to ensure quality craftsmanship.




Joel launched Osgood Landscape Architecture in early 2014 around his vision for a collaborative design practice driven by a passion for ecological restoration, enthusiasm for quality craftsmanship in the built environment and devotion to context and client specific designs. With fifteen years of professional experience, Joel’s work exhibits an ongoing commitment to providing innovative design solutions, exhibiting an iterative, creative process, partnering with clients, consultants, and stakeholders, and fulfilling an inspired reverence for nature.

Joel holds a Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University, graduating as a class Valedictorian and with an ASLA Honor Award for excellence in Landscape Architecture. Prior to starting his design practice, he gained extensive international experience in design, project management, and construction while working on high-end resort developments, community master planning projects, mixed-use developments, and golf course projects around the world.

With notable residential, commercial and resort planning projects in Western North Carolina and throughout the world, Joel strives to deliver the highest level of service to his clients while ensuring uniquely creative and site sensitive design solutions are realized for each and every project.



With nearly 20 years of experience owning and operating a garden center, nursery, landscape design/build company, and botanical-themed café in Indiana, Susan has provided a welcome and impactful presence with the OLA team. Her passion for thoughtful collaboration, compassionate communication, attention to detail, and thorough organization skills is a welcome addition to the team.

Susan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. In addition to her two decades of owning and operating her company, she has several years of experience working with individuals and small companies preparing income tax returns and as a licensed real estate broker. As the office administrator and a landscape designer at OLA, she has translated her past experiences making important connections with clients and collaborators, growing healthy plants, and creating beautiful spaces for all to enjoy into her role with the team. Susan highly values the arts and good design that inspires a greater awareness and appreciation for our natural environment. She delights in spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also flow and function well.

In her free time, Susan enjoys hiking, biking, sunset gazing, dancing, making pottery, yoga, attending live entertainment at outdoor venues and living on purpose to make a positive contribution in our world.

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With a degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University, Mark has over two decades of experience in landscape architecture and land planning, specializing in master planning as well as projects in the resort and leisure industry. He has worked on projects throughout the globe and now brings his unique perspective in planning to the Osgood team. Mark enjoys interacting with clients and uses his excellent graphic communication skills to develop and convey concepts and ideas.

Mark believes that all projects, no matter how big or small, can be broke down to a human scale. Understanding how people interact with the environment and each other, how they circulate throughout a site, and where they choose to take pause and enjoy their surroundings is the key to good design and ultimately, a successful project. He also believes that all sites have a story to tell. Finding that story and translating it into a viable solution is the basis for creating truly memorable and meaningful experiences.

In his free time, Mark can be found in his studio with a welding helmet on, fabricating large scale abstract sculpture. He also finds time to escape to the forest for shinrin-yoku now and then.

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With interests and experience working on urban public spaces, water resource management projects and community driven designs, Zack is inspired by Osgood Landscape Architecture’s dedication to protecting and enhancing the natural environment. Zack holds a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University.

Prior to joining OLA, Zack worked on multiple award-winning projects in Philadelphia, including various urban stormwater restoration projects focused on educating the public on the importance of restoring interrupted natural systems in a large city. Zack’s work ethic, experience with stormwater ecology and high standards for graphic communication throughout the design process are an invaluable asset to the team.

When not promoting community and ecological sustainability in the studio, he is oftentimes deep in Pisgah National Forest riding his mountain bike, hiking to a secret waterfall, or camping in one of the nearby forests.



With a special interest in the ecological value that landscape architecture brings to each and every project, Katie’s thoughtful sensitivity and knowledge of flora and fauna has added immediate value to the OLA team. Katie graduated with honors and awards with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones School Of Architecture in May 2015.

Before relocating to Asheville, Katie worked for 2 years with an award winning Landscape Architecture firm in Dallas, Texas. Her enthusiasm for landscape architecture as well as water related processes is a force and her interests in the profession are rooted in finding ways to synthesize design form and ecology to create legible and didactic systems. Katie is another strong advocate on the OLA team for positive change in the built environment. She also brings with her a shared appreciation for design process, sensitivity to site, and dedication to the creation of enduring and evolving landscapes.

When not in the studio, Katie enjoys listening to her record collection, going to concerts, painting landscapes, and lying in the park.